Analysis of Latest 2017 Masters Odds

The analysis of the most current Masters odds are of particular interest to many sports fans. According to Stephen Campbell, Jason Day was ahead of Jordan Speith. Spieth was essentially an old time favorite and very highly respected among the game’s elite. Players abilities based on past tournaments are constantly being analyzed. Sometimes accurate analysis is made, but other times this¬†analysis can be completely inaccurate.

Another rising star, Rory Mcllory, managed to surpass Jordan Speith as runner up to the list of favorites. It appears some very talented golfers have surprised many with their unique playing skill and ability to beat some of the best golfers within the industry.

Bubba Watson and Adam Scott are respected golfers with a consistent record of impressive scores. However, it has been speculated that once the 81st Masters gets underway that these two well known professionals would more than likely be beaten by newer and more talented players.

Odds of winning the tournament are always published and made available to the public. The odds of successfully winning the Masters Tournament are quite interesting to say the least. A sample piece of what appears on the list of players and their chances of winning this very important tournament.

For example, Jason Day’s odds were listed as 7-1, followed by Jordan Speith 10-1, Bubba Watson 12-1, Adam Scott 12-1, Rickie Fowler 16-1 and the list goes on.

After a very disappointing year when Day finished 28th, many still speculated that Jason Day had a strong chance of rebounding and essentially winning the Masters. In addition, many feel that Jason Day would not only win his first Masters but his second major also.

Jason Day through all his efforts and obvious talents earned a 6th PGA Tour win. A PGA Tour win is quite an honor for any player and it always seems to garnish a great deal of attention from the media as well as the public.

Rory Mcllroy has won every single Major Championship with the exception of the Masters. Which many were surprised that Mcllroy has not had the pleasure of winning the Masters. Mcllroy was able to finish 14 consecutive rounds since 2011, which is still a good record. However, it seems apparent that Rory Mcllroy is no match for Spieth.

It seems that Rory Mcllroy has accepted the fact that Spieth is ahead of him in many ways and will more than likely continue to get better. Spieth seems to be one of those talents that only improves over time. Mcllroy has accepted that fact and he basically supports Spieth 100%.

Spieth posted one of his most impressive scores within his entire career. Spieth’s best score was 64 which he was able to achieve in 2015. With a score of 64 Spieth finished in 2nd place. However, in 2016 Spieth seemed to slip a bit and he was certainly not as effective on the course as he had been in previous years.

An analysis of Masters odds clearly shows that predictions can not always be accurate. However, once a skilled player enters the golf course almost anything can happen.